Wednesday, August 31, 2011


The pirate is having computer problems so I will be back when those are solved.

Monday, August 29, 2011

What Kids Are Missing

I was reading on the internet this morning and ran across a post about what kids today are missing.  When you stop and look at this particular generation of children,  most people will say,  "What are they missing?  They have far more than we ever did!"  and that is true.  Maybe that is the problem, or a part of the problem.  They have too much.

When I was a child,  I played outside ALL day.  There were kittens to play with, dogs to play with, hills to be climbed, crawdads to be caught, creeks to be waded in, rocks to be thrown, bikes to be ridden and a swing in an old apple tree that took me around the world and back.  My cousin and I had a jump board run through a garden gate,  and when we got tired of that, we moved it up a couple notches and it became a seesaw.  What fun we had with that (and yes,  we did get a few splinters).  We raced our bikes, looked for 4 leaf clovers, and laid on our backs and looked for shapes in the clouds as they drifted over.  To top it all off,  we actually had conversations that involved TALKING and not pushing buttons on a cell phone to send a text!

My mother always knew the general area I was in, and if she didn't, she went to the back door and hollered for me.  If I knew what was good for me,  I answered her on the first time,  definitely no later than the second time.(I remember hiding from her one time, thinking it was funny.  Let's just say that didn't turn out well for this pirate so I didn't do that any more).   I knew to stay within the boundaries where I could hear her.  She didn't hover over me.  I'm sure she looked out the window or came outside to see if she could see me,  but she didn't hover.  She was prepared for dirty hands and feet,  for dirty clothes,  and had no fear that I was going to get some germs on me.  She KNEW I was germ central, so she had hot water, clean towels, washcloths, and soap waiting for me at the end of the day.

In the summer, we ate fresh veggies most days.  I didn't know they were good for me.  I  just knew I liked them.  Winter always involved lots of hot lunches, suppers, and a cozy time of reading before bed.   When Daddy was off work and home,  I could always climb up on his lap and he would read me Bible stories before bedtime.

There's a pattern here in case you haven't noticed.  We didn't have TV.  I was 12 years old before we had a TV in the house.  We read the newspapers,  had subscriptions to magazines,  and listened to the radio, while the housework was being done.  In the evenings, we sat in the swing on the front porch, or on the steps and we talked.  Stories were shared from times when my parents were kids.  I can still remember falling asleep on that old swing with my head in somebody's lap and listening to the sound of their voices, the crickets, and the creek running down past the front yard.

When it got too hot in the summer to sit in the house,  we sat on the side porch, or out in the yard and enjoyed the shade.  Daddy had an old glider on the side porch that was perfect for taking a nap or laying on to read a book.

Children today are exposed to way more than we ever were.  Sometimes that can be good, sometimes not.  It seems they seldom go outside because it's too hot, or too cold, or a thousand other reasons.  It's much easier to sit on the sofa and play video games.  Fresh air might kill them or so it seems. When my kids were growing up,  I seldom saw them during the day.  Oh,  I HEARD them, but seldom saw them unless they were hungry or thirsty.  They were too busy building forts, hiding, and playing with the neighbor kids, in the woods behind our houses.  Now when they get together, they laugh about the skinned up knees,  the scratches from the briars,  the bicycle wrecks, and the battles in the trees.

I love sitting and listening to their stories,  listening to their laughter and their "Do you remember the time" happenings.   I'm so glad we turned off the TV and lived.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Good Morning Sunshine!

It's another beautiful day here at this pirate's lair.  I have both doors open and the cross breeze is absolutely glorious.

The birds are singing and gorging themselves on the feeders that D so meticulously takes care of.  The crickets and all the other little bugs are singing their Sounds of Fall songs and The 'Shake is totally nuts with her running.  Lilo is at the front door wondering where her breakfast is and the dogs have just chased off the Tom Cat who likes to beat up our cat.

My coffee cup is empty,  I just looked in the mirror and totally frightened myself with the image looking back at me.  Really,  WHO IS THAT?

In other words, it is a typical morning here so I'm going to go get this day started!

Everybody have a good one!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Frustrating Laundry or Duvets Are Not For Pirates

Several months ago,  I had this fantastic thought that I would love to have a duvet for my bed.  Why?  I have NO idea,  but when I found one in the right colors at Ross, and for the right price,  I brought it home, put it over my comforter, and proudly showed it off.

Somehow, some way,  that wonderful Yankee I pledged my troth to (what is that anyway) had managed to get lotion or sunscreen on the duvet.  So,  this morning,  this pirate, after enjoying her coffee in the wonderful, cool breeze flowing through her house,  decided she would wash said duvet.

I thought I might be in trouble when it took me 5 minutes to get it unbuttoned and get the comforter out.  I also had an inkling there might be a problem when said comforter was no longer white,  but had a distinct burgundy cast to it.  However, not to be undone,  I put it in the washer, put a couple woven place mats with the same colors, and a rug that says,  "hand wash only".  Yes,  I bought not only that rug,  but another one just like it.  I figured,  cold water, gentle spin,  it was all good.  And it was.......

Until I took the duvet out of the washer.  Not only had this cover managed to turn itself inside out,  but while doing so,  it managed to inhale the place mats, and the rug.  It took me 10 minutes to get that stuff out of the inside of this duvet.   Everytime I would find the opening and think that I had everything slid down far enough to reach it,  it would slide right back to the upper end.  I know I turned that thing around and around at least 7 times, losing the insides every time.  Finally, in a moment of frustration,  after growling like a lion, scaring the dogs, and causing the cat to literally hiss at me,  I stood on the end of the duvet with the opening, raised it as high as I could, got the other end and shook it.  At last I had success and removed the offending articles that had caused me so much frustration.

I'm going to Walmart and buying myself a quilt.  Duvets are not for Pirates.

Friday, August 26, 2011


D and I were out and about yesterday for a while.  When we passed the high school,  I went back a few years in time to remember picking up a couple boys after school in the evenings.  Was it really all that long ago?  Seems like it should have just been yesterday.

Now I pick up another brown eyed boy, at that same school, at those same doors,  and I'm sure it's all a mistake.  Surely this boy I'm picking up is not the son of my son,  but he is.   It's hard for me to see Danny the teenager sometimes because I still see the little boy with such blond hair it was almost white,  and those eyes so brown they were almost black.  He would drop that head, lift that eyebrow, and Nana was in trouble.

That school also has 2 other grandsons of mine.  Where oh where has time gone?  I can still hear Jon as he would burst into my front door,  that little arm swinging for all it was worth and he would shout,  NANA!  I  heah!!  Those eyes just shining and a smile from ear to ear.  Gage was the one with the giggles that sounded like notes on a musical scale, and the eyes were such a bright blue that you couldn't miss them.  Constantly moving.  There was an entire world to explore!

How can time just cruise on down the highway and leave me sitting here with a lifetime of memories like this? But aren't memories wonderful?  I'm so glad we have them.  On gray gloomy days,  I can once again hear the door open,  hear those musical giggles,  and see those huge brown eyes and remember 3 precious little boys.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Dove

This evening, my dog, sitting in the kitchen, began to growl.  That is pretty unusual for Lucy because as a rule, she doesn't even  bark unless Annie tells her to bark.  I went to check out what she was looking at.

On the top of the pool wall,  sat a white dove.  A beautiful white dove.  I honestly can't remember seeing these beautiful birds except in the zoo.  We have bird feeders in our yard and we have the regular gray doves all the time, but this is a first. 

When I saw this bird,  I just stood and watched it through the door.  Such grace and beauty,  and no fear at all.  She walked around the top of the pool and then flew down to the ground to eat.  

As I watched,  my mind went back years and years ago when as a young teen,  the group I sang with sang a song "On the Wings of a Dove".  If you have never heard the song, it's about God sending down His love on the wings of a snow white Dove.  In the moment of watching the dove,  I could recall all the words and the times when God used a dove to show His love for His children.

This past year, year and a half has been one of the hardest years of my life, both physically and mentally.  Many, many times it has taken everything within me, just to crawl out of bed to face the day.  I'm only sharing this because this evening, when I saw that beautiful white dove, and remembered the words to that song,  inside myself,  I remembered that God does love me,  and God does care about me.  No matter what I may be going through, HE is there, whether or not anybody else notices or cares.

I have often made the statement that sometimes God has to use a baseball bat to get my attention.  Today He used a dove, sitting on the wall of our pool, to deliver a message of love to somebody who has lost her way.  I much prefer the Dove.

Ahoy Mates!!

And once again the Pirate is trying a blog.  I get started and then suddenly I get sidetracked and my blogs fall by the wayside.  Hopefully this one will stick.

Since I love to write,  and since there are times that my thoughts move so fast that I have to put them down immediately,  I thought this would be a good way to keep  up with those thoughts.

Come check me out often.  I'll try to not disappoint!