Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fall, Fog and Other Thoughts

This morning as I let the dogs out,  the quiet was almost deafening.   The only sound was that of the small crickets and as I looked out,  the fog was reaching out to slowly close our little street into the folds of its long, white fingers.  Our patio and yard are covered with those first small leaves that signal the arrival of fall.  One tree will be totally bare in a few days and slowly, but surely,  within weeks,  the others will follow,  falling silently to the ground.

We've watched the squirrels raiding the birdfeeders.  stealing the larger seeds and carrying them off to their little hide-a-ways,  preparing for the cold time that will follow.  They will be snuggled in when the cold rains fall and the winter winds sway the the trees, turning their nests into cradles,  rocking them into a gentle slumber.

Fall has tiptoed in,  quietly, and without any fanfare.  The days are getting shorter,  the nights are much cooler,  the animals are feeling the briskness in the air,  birds are gathering themselves together for the trip to their winter homes.  

Even as humans,  we react to the time of year.   Checking our closets to make sure we have a warm jackets and gloves,  stocking up the pantry and freezer with those foods we so love on cold days that give warmth to our bodies and comfort to our very soul.   We make sure our own homes are prepared to keep the cold outside and the warmth inside.    We make sure we are prepared to weather whatever kind of storms this fall and winter may bring.

Here at The Pirate's Lair,  we are getting ready.  We're getting ready to close the pool,  we've checked our winter wardrobes, the freezer is full,  we have plenty of coffee, tea and hot chocolate,  soon,  much too soon,  we won't be able to enjoy the screened porch,  and mornings will be spent drinking coffee,  looking out the window,  watching the leaves blow across the lawn,  and maybe,  as the seasons progress,  we will even see some snowflakes............