Sunday, March 18, 2012

Springtime, Joy and Peace

I love these quiet, Spring mornings.  I love listening to the birds telling us that it's time to sing,  time to live,  time to enjoy the beauty we find around us.

Spring is a wonderful time of the year. Not just because it's time for all the flowers to bloom and all the trees to bud out and turn green,  but it's also time for a new beginning.  It's a time to throw away all the trash and clutter that has gathered over the previous year.  It's a time to renew ourselves,  a time to do all those things we promised ourselves last year that we would do and didn't.  It's a time to make changes and move on from those things and some times,  those people,  who hurt us,  who make us feel much less than what we really are.

I love the quiet of an early morning.  I suppose that is why I usually wake up so early.  It's a time for reflection as I drink that first cup of coffee.  It's the time that I say a quiet prayer for my kids, for my grandkids,  for D, and for myself.   In the quiet,  I listen for that still, small voice that assures me that everything is under control,  that I need to have no fear,  that He is here in this quiet, Spring morning, just as He is in the cold of the Winter, the beauty of the Fall and the hot days of Summer.

I love having that feeling of peace in the very core of my soul.  When life may throw me a curve,  when I feel that I can't go one more step,  when I realize I've been on the outside looking in and can't be a part of what I see,  I still have that peace in my soul.   I still have that joy that comes with Spring, and in the quiet reflections of the morning,  I know that I am loved.

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Nicole said...

It is such a beautiful, hopeful time of year!!! It's a reminder that he is faithful, no matter how hard the winter has been, spring will come. Love you Auntie Pirate.